November 29, 2011

What happens in an energy session?

The first time I was a participant in a long-distance energy healing session I was curious as to what the sender did to send energy. (I still don’t know!). When Glenn suggested I start off the newsletter by talking about our energy sessions I thought that was an excellent idea. So. in case you are wondering, what do we DO in an energy session?

Following is a general outline:

  • Establish a connection with everyone on the list, start by reading aloud the names of the participants
  • Clear any blocks to healing.
  • Send our intense healing energy for several minutes, until it feels right to move on (repeated several times during the hour-long session).
  • Clearing dissociated parts (also repeated several times)
  • Visualize manifestations/intentions on specific requests received i.e. peace, calmness, prosperity, quick resolution of a legal-issue, health issues, etc.
  • Balance chakras, energize meridians, clean the aura
  • Do “downloads” of feeling loved and knowing we are loved by God
  • Tong Ren and Qigong healing

The specifics will change from week to week but the general outline stays the same–although it will most certainly evolve as our intuition leads us!

Comments from participants (unedited)

Oh how PERFECT!  Was it tailor-made to me…?!?  (next week, add “freedom from narcissism” to the list!) … 😉
Seriously, it could not have been better for my life…!  THANK you!

Between 5-6 PST (the time of the energy session), I experienced tingles, warmth, and great sorrow … a sense of loneliness … I assume that this is normal … as whatever would “object” to the energy, would arise …
Deena B (Salem, Oregon)

Hi—It went well on this end, I was in bed by the time you were scheduled to start (with a new cold) and meditated until I fell asleep. Considering that I didn’t feel well, I felt good—and the cold hasn’t been debilitating as they sometimes are. I sent you—and send you– my gratitude & blessings for your healing work and good wishes for you and all beings.
In light,
Lisa (Boston, MA)

I feel a little better today, lighter. Usually I feel bad before a front comes through and there is suppose to be rain tonight.
I sat and rested crocheted a little during the hour last night
Donna W (Round Rock, TX)

Future Issues

In our next issue I’ll be talking about muscle/energy testing.  I will teach you several easy ways to do this for yourself or with someone else’s help.  This is very helpful in determining, for instance, what foods will make you stronger and what will make you weaker. Among the many ways you can use this I frequently use it to test my supplements, are they really helping me?  I will also explain how you can understand “shades” of meaning in these yes/no answers. With practice, confidence and accuracy grows.

Topics planned for future issues:

  • How to strengthen your immune system using EFT and exercises from Donna Eden.
  • How to use EFT for abundance and prosperity issues.
  • How to use EFT for health issues in general with suggestions on specific common issues.

May all of God’s blessings of peace and prosperity be with you!

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