Can I feel the energy healing? Yes you can but some people (me for one) have to grow in their sensitivity to it. I used a few physical “exercises” to develop my feel for energy. (More on that in a following post) And the more I try to feel it the more I become sensitized to it. Practice makes perfect, they say. And this applied here as to many other things in life.

Then again, some people don’t seem to feel the energy after the first time, or notice results except for their initial session. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any for several reasons: your body is becoming accustomed to the energy, the changes are very subtle and may not be obvious on a conscious level, the changes seem so natural you don’t have any sensation that anything has changed.

I know for myself that with energy healing I often don’t think anything has changed because “I didn’t sweat blood and shed tears to make it happen”. The change is so natural if it wasn’t for Glenn saying “You’re different” I would have missed it! And I remember working with a friend on her negative feelings towards another person. One round of EFT (combined with essential oils) and she said she had no problem and she acted as though she had never had a problem. What I saw was that she had completely forgot the former intensity of her feelings because now she no longer felt them. But I remembered and I saw the difference.

To help you evaluate the differences made from an energy healing session you might consider asking yourself some questions i.e.:

Is there any difference in my physical health compared to this same time of year last year? (less sniffles, minor illness instead of debilitating illness, etc.)
Am I reacting differently to emotional crisis? Are my reactions less intense? Are my moods less erratic?
Has there been any change in my financial situation? or self-esteem? or feeling loved or being loving?

Just a few thoughts… The energy accumulates. It is like putting money in the bank (more reliable than our present day banks!). The more you put in the more it grows.

By the way, these sessions help us too. We feel God smiling on us. Our anxiety and fears about the future have greatly diminished, to name one of the more obvious benefits. Since we channel the energy we get its benefits too. Pretty neat, huh!

Peace be with You,


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