Glenn and Rozy

Glenn and Rozy enjoy hosting a New Year's Eve Party in Texas

About Us

Growing up in a military family, Rosiland moved a great deal in her early years. She spent her teen years in Grandview, Missouri, just south of Kansas City. After High School she attended Lubbock Christian College where she hoped to find someone who had an interest in spirituality that matched hers. It was in Lubbock where she met and married Glenn.

Glenn was born in England but while a baby his parents moved to Quebec, Canada. He grew up in Shawinigan, a small town two hours north of Montreal. When he was 16 he moved with his family to Florida. He has always been interested in spirituality and this eventually led to his graduating in 1969 from the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas.

They have worked together as missionaries in Madagascar, Mauritius, Paris, France, Toronto and Montreal, Canada. In 1999 they moved to the U.S. and continued with their secular jobs while working as volunteer life coaches.

Although Glenn and Rozy initially focused on helping people spiritually, they soon realized that there are emotional and physical needs as well. In finding answers for their own personal health and emotional healing they wanted to share this with others, hence their passion for natural, painless, quick-working and non-invasive energy healing.

Both Glenn and Rozy have learned to deal with a tremendous amount of stress:  moving from country to country or from city to city as well as changing jobs and friends, cultures and languages. These changes put a lot of stress on the body!  Glenn has learned to deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Rozy, over the last ten years, has struggled with intermittent and increasingly severe crippling leg or back pain.  Using idiomatic questioning they discovered its emotional basis and then through energy healing her pain issues have now been resolved.  Glenn used similar methods to find solutions for CFS.

Glenn and Rosiland DuPont, who have an extensive background in teaching, training and counseling (pastoral and life coaching) bring over 40 years of experience in counseling and spiritual development to their work.  Relying on their intuition they use one or more of the following: Reiki, EFT, ThetaHealing, Donna Eden’s energy work, Heart and Soul Integration, or Tong Ren Therapy. They have combined this knowledge with new techniques that they have personally developed.