Take Charge of Your Health

Welcome! We invite you to come with us on this journey to take charge of your own healing. Our goal is to give you the tools, and personal help, when necessary, to teach you how to heal yourself and others.

Glenn and Rozy DuPont are passionate about energy healing.  We work as a team on a variety of challenges.  Our emphasis is on weekly remote energy healing sessions where for one hour we send out powerful healing energy to our subscribers.  This includes chakra balancing, meridian clearing and aura cleansing. The energy does not comes from us, we only channel the energy.  The energy comes from God; it is unlimited and powerful.  The universe is full of this energy!

Energy Healing applies to almost every known emotional, spiritual and physical ailment. It knows no time or distance limits. Results can and often do happen quickly.

Curious about what we do? You can find detailed information about the methods we use in the Healing Modalities section.